Christmas hours. PLEASE NOTE!

Christmas deliveries close on Wednesday 20th Dec at midday so if you want your fermenting goodies by Christmas, order by this Tuesday night please. South Island orders need to be in by Tuesday 3pm or delivery by Friday is unlikely.

Due to limited delivery services between Christmas and new year, there will be NO deliveries between Dec 21st and January 8th. All orders placed during this time will be held over for dispatch during the week starting Jan 8th.

The first gallery below shows the growth of a scoby from day 3 to day 7 and then some pics of the 'Perfect' scoby' though such scobys are NOT the norm.

Unlike the perfect scobys above, these ones below that while looking somewhat weird or mutated, are actually still fine and fermented their brews just nicely.

Variations in scoby growth and appearance are just evidence of different bacteria or yeasts growing at different rates due to variations in temperature, ingredients and starter tea amounts.

And the worrisome mould on Kombucha scobys?

 For more info on mould on Kombucha scobys, click here


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