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Complete Kombucha Making Kit.

Everything you need to make your own kombucha
- just add water!

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Fermentation Workshops

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Learn how to ferment beverages and vegetables .

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Kombucha Scoby - NZ$ 20

Kombucha Culture or 'Scoby'

Your Kombucha Culture, 'Scoby' or 'Mother' comes complete with an instruction sheet and the required starter tea for your first batch of up to 1 liltre to get you up and running straight away. You just need the tea, sugar and a glass jar.

Comes boxed and bubble wrapped in a heavy duty, heat sealed, zip lock bag.

Orders are sent out Monday to Thursday, with orders from midday Thursday to Sunday sent out the following Monday.

Complete Kombucha Making Kit - NZ$ 55

If you're buying a Kit as a Christmas present for someone, let us know at checkout and we'll dispatch it on 18th - 20th December so it arrives fresh and waiting for the big opening.

(It is best not to have it sent out now and sit in it's bag for 3 weeks)


Complete Kombucha making kit with everything you need to make Kombucha exept the boiling water.

Kit includes:

1 x Kombucha scoby with required starter tea in a food grade, heat sealed, stand up pouch.

1 x 1 litre preserving jar with cloth cover and screw band lid.

1 x 25 tea bags pack of Fair Trade English breakfast tea.

1 500g bag of Fair Trade golden sugar.

2 x 330ml bottles with caps to bottle your Kombucha into when it's ready.

1 x Instructions to get you started plus any email support you might need along the way.

There is enough tea and sugar (and scoby) for your first 8-9 batches of kombucha so you're good to go for 8+ weeks of kombucha making and drinking.

All couriered to your door.

Milk Kefir - NZ$ 30

Milk Kefir Grains

This is the original and the best probiotic food in the world!

You get 1 Tablespoon of fresh, live milk Kefir culture which will initially ferment 1-2 cups of fresh milk in approx 24hrs (depending on temperature) but will grow and multiply over 1-2 weeks to ferment a whole litre of milk at a time... and keep growing and growing to ferment even more and so on - an endless lifetime supply for just $30

2 Piece nylon Mesh Sieve set - NZ$ 10

2 piece set of nylon mesh sieves perfect for straning your Kombucha or Kefir grains to avoid any contact with metal.

Large 15cm and a smaller 6.5cm sieve.

Nylon mesh sieves can be hard to find so grab a set while you can.

RTD Kombucha 12 pack. - NZ$ 45

12 Bottles of our Ready to Drink Kombucha with 3 bottles of each of our current 4 flavours:

3 bottles with Berryfruit infusion
3 bottles with Vanilla Chai infusion
3 bottles of Green Tea Kombucha with a Lime infusion.
3 bottles of Peach and Rose infusion.

RTD Kombucha 6 pack - NZ$ 27

6 Bottles of Kombucha with 2 bottles of each of the three most popular flavours:

2x Peach and Rose
2x Vanilla Chai
2x Green Tea and Lime

Refractometer for measuring sugar levels - NZ$ 45

Need to measure the sugar levels in your brews?

Knowing how much sugar is in your Kombucha is a common concern, especially for diabetics or those simply wanting to consume as little sugar as possible.

A refractometer measures the brix level - grams of sugar per 100 mls and is as easy to do as adding a drop or 2 of your kombucha or Kefir brew to the slide face and looking through the eyepiece. An easy to read scale tells you instantly how much sugar is in your brew.

It aslo works on all sugar related liquids such as fruit juice, soft-drinks, wine, and even honey to help monitor and control sugar levels/concentrations in foods and beverages and of course you brew of Kombucha or water Kefir.

This ATC refractometer comes in a hard plastic case with an eye dropper, screwdriver (to zero the scale if need be) cleaning cloth and of course instructions.


* Measuring Range: 0-32% Brix (grams per 100ml)
* Minimum Division: 0.2% Brix
* Accuracy: ±0.2%
* ATC Compensation Range: 10°C~30°C (50°F~86°F)
* Reference Temperature: 20°C

Glass utilty/brewing jar - NZ$ 10

1 Litre Glass Preserving Jar suitable for all preserving, fermenting and brewing purposes. Perfect for brewing Kombucha, Water Kefir and Milk Kefir in.

Includes metal screw band and gold seal lid, (though the gold seal lid is not required if fermenting drinks in it).

Complete Fermenting Vegetables Kit. - NZ$ 45


Back in stock.

A Complete Mason Jar Fermentation Kit to ferment all sorts of vegetables so you can have a daily dose of a good probiotic condiment with your dinner.

- A 1 quart glass Ball Mason jar
- A Masontops Pickle Pipe for a perfect airtight, waterless airlock lid
- Screw band for securing the Pickle Pipe in place
- Lid to go under the band for storing the ferment once finished
- A stoneware weight to keep the veggies submerged in their brine
- Instructions so you know what and why all of that is for and how to use it :)

(Jar with carrots not included - example of finished product only).

Box of 20 Kombucha drinks - NZ$ 65

For the seriously healthy drinker.

You can choose your own mix of:

Kombucha n Mixed Berry
Kombucha n Peach and Rose
Kombucha n Green tea and Lime
Kombucha n Vanilla Chai

Ginger Beer original
Ginger Beer with Cinnamon
Ginger Beer withThyme

Simply 'Add to cart' then state what mix of flavours you'd like and how many of each (to total 20) in the 'Anything else we should know...' section under your details at checkout.

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